CeTeC people with deep academic knowledge, years of experience in large building projects and continuous upgrading and monitoring of all modern developments in both design and construction, are best qualified to support and deliver difficult construction projects that satisfy even the most demanding customer.


  1. 01Advanced methods of metal & composite structures for ‘SMART BUILDINGS’
  2. 02Systems of Seismic Insulation and Protection
  3. 03Intelligent Metal Seismic Absorption Devices, Diagonal Links of Limited Lens and Intelligent Connections
  4. 04Combination of High Strength & Strength
  5. 05Advanced Concrete Mixes of Special Synthesis for Specialized Requirements
  1. 06Modern Antiseismic Systems for Reinforced Concrete Construction
  2. 07Unbreakable cutting
  3. 08Cementitious screeds & Resin casts
  4. 09Corrosion inhibitors
  5. 10Cement & Resin Injections
  1. 11Carbon fiber
  2. 12Interstellar Cracks in Inorganic Matrix
  3. 13Inoculated Polymers in Epoxy Resins
  4. 14Sandblasting – Anti-corrosion protection
  5. 15Cloaks & Spray Concrete
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