Particular emphasis is given by CeTeC on environmental issues. Both CeTeC’s Design and Construction show a particular awareness and attention to environmental protection issues, taking into account


  1. 01Recyclable and Environmentally Friendly Modern Materials
  2. 02Application of Renewable Energy Sources (Photovoltaic, Geothermal, Hybrid Systems)
  3. 03Reversibility criteria, all phases of a building’s life cycle are studied
  4. 04Bioclimatic Architecture, providing thermal and visual comfort with the use of passive cooling and heating systems
  5. 05Sustainable Architecture-Development, building infrastructures with a sensitive attitude towards the natural environment and ecological problems
  1. 06Energy management of buildings with a view to saving energy
  2. 07Low environmental noise in accordance with existing legislation
  3. 08Environmental footprint Indicator, aiming at the energy footprint of the building to have the least impact on the environmental footprint

upgrading of buildings

  1. 01Leads to lower operating costs of the building
  2. 02Helps to protect the environment
  3. 03Improves the indoor climate and the quality of living of the occupants
  1. 04Increases the value of the property
  2. 05Minimizes the impact on the environmental footprint


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